Hanover Historical Society

Bridging the past with the future while preserving history and enhancing a sense of community.


Welcome to the online home for the Hanover Historical Society, stewards of the past for the City of Hanover, Minnesota.

Hanover's Historical 1885 Iron Truss BridgeThe mission of the Hanover Historical Society is to identify, preserve, and disseminate knowledge about the history of Hanover through collections, preservation, distribution of historical information, as well as advocate for preservation of historic buildings, monuments and markers.

Young and old comprise our membership as well as new residents mixed in with life-long Hanoverians. Take an active role in activities or assist behind the scenes if that’s our comfort level. Yearly membership is only $12.

To learn more about the Hanover Historical Society, browse this site and use the membership pages to find information and forms.


"Planks of History" is released!

With the help of local businesses and residents, we've fully funded a second book that takes a closer look at the History of Hanover and the surrounding area.

Planks of History, authored by our own Secretary Mary Coons, is a book based exclusively on Hanover’s historic pedestrian bridge and the history of the Crow River, and is available by contacting a member of the Historical Society, or can be directly purchased at BankWest, the River Inn, or City Hall.

The 5”x7” book will be an accompaniment to the bridge documentary film, whose focus is on modern history and bridge renovations along with the opening scene of the canoe reenactment of Jacob Vollbrecht first arriving in the area.

The Historical Society felt the book would be an excellent complement to the documentary with its slightly different slant.

As a tangible product, the public can own the book whereas the documentary will not be sold but can be viewed below.

Our first commissioned book, "Safe From the Outside World", is nearly out of stock. Contact us today to get one of the few remaining copies!


Documentary Video Project!

We are also currently filming a documentary video on the history of Hanover and the surrounding area, with an emphasis on the Historic Bridge itself. This effort coincides with the writing and printing of the new book specifically about the bridge, but explores some of the historical events that took place before the bridge was erected, and documents the deck restoration taking place today!



Save our Historical 150 Year Old Burr Oak Trees in Settlers Park and help us create a Veterans Memorial Grove!

Our organization remains committed to protect our Historic Natural Resources here in Hanover, and to converting the grove of 12 Bur Oak Trees still standing in Settlers Park into a living Memorial for every Veteran that has served our country from Hanover and the surrounding area.

The site for Settlers Park was chosen based on this grove of "old growth" trees.  We will always be able to build more ball fields, but we will never be able to get back these Historic relics that are older than the City of Hanover itself should the City and other local organizations decide to move forward with a Softball field project that would call for the destruction of at least 5 of these Historic Bur Oak trees.

Show your support by SIGNING THIS PETITION showing support for simply looking at other options for ball field construction that do NOT include destroying a piece of the History of Hanover!